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What's Essential?

We all work best in teams - or in any collaborative venture - when we bring a One Team Mindset:

  • Sharing the Big Picture aligned towards shared purpose and values
  • Sharing the Reality building trust by being open and tackling the tough stuff in non-defensive ways
  • Share the Air - engaging in stimulating, robust conversations with differing views and open feedback
  • Share the Load - accepting personal accountability for actions & outcomes, and total commitment to partnering
  • Share the Wins & Losses - driving a learning-oriented ‘operating rhythm’ to align, collaborate and learn together without blame

The resources below are exactly what you need to get your teams on the journey to working as one.

Think One Team Book

The best selling Think One Team book (now in it's second edition) is used widely to introduce people - and whole organisations - to what 'one team' really means. Read the engaging story that brings to life the journey from siloed to one team. 

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Think One Team Tools

One of the key reasons for the popularity and effectiveness of Think One Team as a leadership and team development method is the simple practical tools. (Check out some examples including those described in the Think One Team book)

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Insights & Articles

Need ideas on how to unite leaders, build cohesive teams and create a one team culture? Explore our insights, articles and resources.

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